I'm Benjamin Paine.

I'm a multi-disciplined developer from Buffalo, NY.

Effective. Efficient. Elegant.

I am well-versed in designing and delivering scalable, intuitive and well-documented web services, API's, and servers.

Here's a JSON API you can try right now!

What's your favorite quote from The Office?

Big data ready.

Have a lot of data? I'll help you harness it using tools like Hadoop, Hive/Impala, Jupyter, or the vendor tool of your choice.

Your standard, my standard.

I've developed RESTful JSON API's in Python/Twisted, XML RPC API's in Java/Tomcat, SOAP servers in PHP, and numerous other combinations of design and technology.

Deploy with confidence.

No IT team? No idea what server you need? I can make recommendations, or configured your Linux, Unix, or Windows server from scratch.


The days of desktop and mobile specific interfaces are over. You can be guaranteed all my designs are device-agnostic.


The web is meant to be interactive. Eye-catching animations and transitions will help you stand out.


The internet is ever-evolving. Using modern tools like ES6, WASM, SASS/SCSS, Angular, React, jQuery and more, I can future-proof your product.


HTML and CSS aren't the only tools in my belt - native or Cordova-based Android, iOS and even wearable applications are in my wheelhouse, too.

Some of my projects include…

Big ideas need big presentation.

You can't afford to ignore the media supporting your product or service. I can visualize the value you provide with 2D graphics and animations in Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects, or 3D with Blender, 3D Studio MAX or Maya.


Don't shy away from the third dimension. As WebGL proliferates through tools like Webassembly/SDL and Three.js, more websites will be taking the leap and surprising their audiences with a modern experience.

Who's that?

That's me and my wonderful wife, Chantelle.


I hold two degrees in Media Production and Computer Science, both from University at Buffalo.


I'm employed as a senior developer at Gelia Marketing Communications.


Want to work together? Talk to me on any of the platforms listed, or fill out this form.